Parent Coaching

After many years working with children I’ve met all kind of parents that had something in common: they all struggled and felt disappointed, didn’t have valid educational material and they all needed support and encouragement for their important demanding parental role! I wanted to help parents to discover and use their best self in parenting! I also wanted to change the world, and it didn’t take me long to understand that it can be done with one family at a time! So I chose to be a Parent Coach and today I’m the first Certified Parent Coach in Cyprus!

The PCI International has developed since 2000 a unique complete educational model. It’s a transformation process that emerges from the live, dynamic relationship between the client and the coach. In this relationship we are equal and we co-create your future! Is all about your personal development, the discovery and the amplification of your strengths and how to use them effectively. At PCI we use tools like positive phycology, and principles from Authentic Happiness Model, Appreciative Inquiry, Parenting as a Living System, Functional Ecology of Parenting, Brain-Compatible Parenting, etc. My goal is for you to live your Dream and feel satisfied and complete as a parent!

Parent Coaching is coming from therapy, counseling and mentoring and they are similar to a part but have big differences like: therapy is about the past and healing but coaching is about the present and the future. There are no rules, “have to” or “should” as is not about healing or educating, we just offer suggestions. As a Coach I am not in a seat of power, I don’t give fixed solutions but I do share personal (or other) experiences and scientific knowledge to support my clients that are parents just like you. We can work one on one, with couples and small groups of 4-6 parents facing similar challenges.

Coaching is a process, so it takes some time. I usually suggest 8-12 sessions. It’s not about a quick fix and you will have to trust me and the process to see the results you wish. There are no ready fixed solutions as every person and every family is unique. We will try together some of your ideas or my suggestions and then you’ll decide what is working for you at the moment. We can have our conversations on phone, Skype/Viber/Zoom or in person if you wish for a session of 75’.

I will give you my undivided support, encouragement and affirmation for every small step you’ll make! I will listen closely; showing empathy and understanding and I will NEVER judge you. This is a relationship based on security and trust where you can speak free about your truth. I will invite you to think new information but I will never tell you what you should or you shouldn’t do. My job as a coach is to help you find the best inside you and there isn’t just one way to do that. We co-create your new self if you are engaged to the process. I will catalyze and make more effective your journey! I will help you spot every positive and amplify it! We will learn together how to live more consciously and how to be the parent of your dreams…BECAUSE YOU ARE!!!

How much does it cost and what does a session includes?

Our first 30 minutes informational session if free! We usually have our conversations on phone (or skype/viber/zoom), but if you prefer we can meet in person (with an extra charge for meetings out of Nicosia). We meet weekly, at the time and day you choose and is 75’ one on one and 90’ for couples and groups. (Everyone will be committed to participate in the total of sessions). Price includes personalized coaching services, ideas, scientific knowledge and suggestions along with the follow-up that you will receive in 48 hours after every session. We can communicate as much as you need with me and you will receive for free the material we may use in the process.

How many sessions will I need?

– Σύμφωνα με το μοντέλο που ακολουθούμε χρειάζονται συνήθως περίπου 10-12 συνεδρίες.

Can we come as a couple or a group?

– Of course! I coach one on one, couples or small groups 4-6 people with similar challenges.

What you will learn on the first informational call?

– I will explain the process and when you realize that parent coaching is the best gift for you and your family, we will prepare an agreement and schedule our first session. After that, I will e-mail the In-take form and you will have to return it at least 2 days before our first session.