I've always wanted to change the world and I've been trying in so many ways. Soon enough I realized two things:
1. I have to change myself and
2. This is only do-able thought families doing an amazing job! So I became a certified Parent Coach and I now have the expertize to help you be


Hello there!


I am Andry Andreou. I was born and raised in Nicosia, though my parents come from Kakopetria and occupied Makrasika. I studied Sociology at the University of the Aegean and then the MA in Gender Studies at the Department of Social Anthropology and History that remain half-finished as my first child came really early! So I have been a single parent for two and a half years and that was a huge life lesson! When I met Christos Pechlivanis our family grew and we now have the bless and luck to have three amazing boys, Panayiotis, Kyriacos and Nectarios. And those three are the biggest school of my life! 

I have read up about Gender, Social Exclusion, Education and Childhood. Ιn 2012 we created “August Homeschooling” for many kids in our own house! The same year I participated at the educational program Music & Beyond KIDS and that inspired me to create the first experiential Program for Social and Emotional Development for kids in Cyprus! In this program each child learn the tools to discover him/herself and also some paths for creative development, effective respectful cooperation and ways to be able to enjoy life!

Furthermore, I’ve successfully created and run many workshops for children like Confidence and Solidarity Workshop, Dreaming and Creativity School etc. I have organized and presented many seminars and workshops for parents and educators. On summer of 2019 I completed a new program and received the Parent Coaching Certification of PCI International and I now have the honor to be the first Certified Parent Coach in Cyprus!

I love books, documentaries and chocolate! I enjoy crocheting and handcrafts and I adore music, the sea and be in nature!